Miriama Kamo wrote her children's book overnight

Miriama Kamo wrote her children's book overnight

Journalist and producer Miriama Kamo finally became a children's book author in 2018 when she released 'The Stolen Stars of Matariki.'

The book is about Grandma and Poua who take the children eeling one magical, wild starry night and discover two stars missing from the Matariki cluster.

Kamo chatted with Mel Homer on Sunday Cafe about how she managed to write her first book. 

"I was asked by Scholastic because I'd sent in a different story and I thought, you've just got to get brave," said Kamo.

"You will never publish anything if you don't just sign something. So I had to do it and they really loved it. 

"But they said it's not quite right for this market, we've kind of moved on, but we would really love to have something about Matariki."

Kamo had more than two months to write her book but she ended up leaving it to the last minute.

"They gave me a couple of months... I didn't write it until the night of. 

"I managed to whip it out and luckily they really loved it.

"I'm so grateful that the first book did really well and people were interested and did buy it.

"When that happens then publishers are more interested in letting you do another one.

"Four more are coming out in the series of stolen stars of Matariki. 

"That first one came out in 2018. Over the next four years, a book will come out."

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