Hamilton City Council reveal innovative solution to counter street racers

Hamilton City Council reveal innovative solution to counter street racers

The city of the future is trialling a futuristic solution to street racers. 

Hamilton City Council is applying a spray-on anti-skid surface to stop burnouts. 

Robyn Denton from Hamilton City Council told Lloyd Burr it is a surfacing product that will be put down onto existing road surfaces.

"It has higher friction qualities, so that makes it more grippy and we are putting it down in a pattern so the friction is altered in the intersections and cul-de-sacs we are working on," Denton said.

While she explained it doesn't make the tyres stick more to the road, the inconsistency of the grip on the road created by the spray will make burn-outs significantly more difficult.

"Because it's not the whole area, it's just patches of it, so the amount of grip changes as they move forward and that's what creates the issues for them."

Denton said they are implementing the creative solution in three cul-de-sacs that have had ongoing issues with burnout.

She told Burr the product is used around the world commonly on sharp corners or in front of speed bumps, and confirmed it will not affect day-to-day road users.

"It won't make any difference to their [average road users] trip."

Denton explained the spray-on anti-skid surface could be utilised in other areas if necessary but noted that the solution is not necessarily cheap.

"It's not something that we are just going to put everywhere, we can't afford to do that."

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