Over $30,000 raised for repatriation of Kiwi who died fighting in Ukraine

Over $30,000 raised for repatriation of Kiwi who died fighting in Ukraine

A big fundraising effort is underway to pay for the repatriation of Kane Te Tai who was killed in action in Ukraine a week ago.

Veteran's charity No Duff started a Givealittle page last week to help with the costs of bringing Kane's body home, and now Kane's family has started fundraising too. 

No Duff co-founder Aaron Wood told Lloyd Burr he was an extremely selfless man.

"What we've done for him is exactly the kind of thing he'd do for a number of other veterans," Wood said.

"For us to pay him back in this way that's just an obligation as far as we are concerned….now the whanau is up and running with his repatriation we can pivot to supporting his daughter."

He explained that Te Tai's fellow veterans will do what they can to support his young family where he no longer can.

"He loved his daughter very much and he was clearly going to contribute for the rest of his life, to her," Wood said.

"Now he can't do that so his brothers-in-arms will pick that up for him on his behalf and get that done."

Visit the No Duff Givealittle page and comment 'turtle' (Te Tai's tactical call sign) or head directly to the repatriation Givealittle page to donate.

Listen to the full interview between No Duff co-founder Aaron Wood and Lloyd Burr above.

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