Hamish McKay: There's no denying it, but protect then mitigate

Hamish McKay: There's no denying it, but protect then mitigate

OPINION: If dealing with the All Blacks ever-decreasing chances at the Rugby World Cup isn’t painful enough… we’re also about to head into root canal territory, in the shape of a general election. 

And this time round, farmers will need to carefully consider what boxes they tick, now that the silly season has begun. 

I mean, seriously, Chris Hipkins rules out working with Winston and NZ First? Was the Prime Minister not aware Peters made it clear months, if not a year ago, here on REX, that he would never again work with Labour, especially not given the way he was treated by Jacinda Ardern and co… whom, without Peters would never have been Prime Minister. 

Not then, not now, not ever. So Chippie, that’s a 1 out of 10. 

As for Christopher Luxon, I certainly hope National don’t end up having to rely on NZ First. Not that I personally oppose Peters and many of his policies. In many regards, he’s got his head screwed on better than most. 

Whatever happens between now and polling day, there will be only one result. 

And in light of that, I urge farmers to not go down the path of doom of 3 years ago when a seriously flawed plan to keep the greens out backfired more than a Mark 4 Zephyr, returning a government, seemingly hellbent on bashing farmers into a position of hopelessness, in their bid to reduce carbon emissions, despite the fact we already lead the world in that sector. 

Of course, I note, we were going to run out of oil by 1975, by 1979 we’d be in the grip of another ice age. Then in the 80’s Acid rain was set to fall and destroy all our crops, followed by the Ozone layer disappearing and the ice caps melting by 2015! 

Mitigation is fine and needed. But whoever the next government is, their first job should be to ensure money is wisely spent to ensure we are protected from the imminent effects of climate change. 

Once we’ve done that, then, and only then will it be the right time to go hard on emission reduction.