Hamish McKay: Today's word of the day is transparency

Hamish McKay: Today's word of the day is transparency

OPINION: REX's word of the day for today is transparency.

Whether it’s Fonterra’s latest supplier emission guidelines or a burgeoning blackcurrant drink that increases brain function and capacity. All anybody wants, whether supplier or consumer, is transparency.

Now I’m not suggesting Fonterra are in the same boat as those young start-up hipsters using blind ignorance and skulduggery to try and pull the wool over the eye of the consumer, before claiming ignorance and red tape as a defence!

Unlike the benefits of a certain tree bark derivative, I’m pretty sure the right amount of science is behind the latest reduction targets set by Fonterra.

So with the science substantiated, the question on farmer's lips should be how do we achieve this and who is going to pay? A tad 101 I know, but not an unfair observation.

Hence is everybody up to speed and on the same page? Is transparency, on the why and who’s going to pay, top of the list? Well, right now, I suspect that’s not the case. Which is a crying shame, given all the advantages we have - never mind our “per head of population” emissions being unbelievably low.

Continuing to push hard for ALL the answers is your right. That way we can make sure we’re all on the same page. Otherwise, we will continue to be vulnerable to other producing nations. Behemoths, who will simply squeeze the life out of us.

Think about this. When you have the best rugby team in the world, it’s best not to blame the TMO when you should have kicked your goals.

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