'Cannot be trusted' - Christopher Luxon calls for Stuart Nash's removal from Parliament
Christopher Luxon
Christopher Luxon

'Cannot be trusted' - Christopher Luxon calls for Stuart Nash's removal from Parliament

Former Police Minister Stuart Nash has been sacked after it was revealed he disclosed confidential information to two businesspeople, who were also donors, in 2020.

The Prime Minister has taken action after this fourth offence was revealed, saying he expects to share his next steps on Wednesday afternoon. 

The leader of the Opposition Christopher Luxon is calling for a review into Nash's behaviour during his time as a Minister, believing he should leave Parliament altogether.

The National leader said there are likely to be more skeletons in Nash's closet, following the latest revelations.

Speaking with Tova O'Brien on Wednesday morning, Luxon said it's about having "absolute standards".

"In New Zealand, we are really highly ranked on the Global Transparency Index. We have an excellent reputation for having great governance and great government. This is a serious issue and it's a behavioural issue and so there's a pattern of behaviour," Luxon said.

"People have been sacked out of caucus for sharing information outside of caucus, [it] should be the same thing here. 

"It's an egregious, serious, inexcusable breach of Cabinet protocol… [and] it's about the standards."

However, O'Brien argued that taking Nash out of Parliament would result in a by-election, which would cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

"What you're saying is you want us to spend NZD$1,000,000 on a by-election so you can have a chance of getting an MP into the Parliament?" O'Brien asked.

"It's not about that," Luxon responded. 

"The principle matters more than the implication and the consequence of a by-election. You've got someone who cannot be trusted inside Cabinet. 

"How does Chris Hipkins have him inside his caucus and be trusted with information there? 

"He shouldn't be in Parliament."

O'Brien and Luxon go on to talk about Marama Davidson and whether she should be sacked following her violent 'cis white men' comment over the weekend.

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