Green co-leader Marama Davidson doing okay after crash at anti-trans rights rally
Green Party
Green Party

Green co-leader Marama Davidson doing okay after crash at anti-trans rights rally

A protest held by anti-transgender activist, Posie Parker on Saturday stirred up lots of conflicts.

It even saw Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson hit by a motorcycle.

Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman spoke with Mel Homer on Sunday Cafe about how Marama Davidson is coping after the incident at Albert Park.

"Before we joined the protests, our co-leader, Marama Davidson was hit on the crosswalk by some bikes that very threateningly had been kind of circling and revving at the protest already.”

Ghahraman confirmed Marama Davidson was okay but is still sore after this frightening crash.

"That was a terrifying way to start the day. But we got there and obviously it ended more or less safely for everyone.

"I think when you have massive bikes revving the crowd and in this case literally hassling someone that's on a pedestrian crossing, that's pretty violent.”

Despite the frightening incident, it was breathtaking for Ghahraman to witness so many young people, including her youth MPs,  protesting for their rights. 

"We need to raise the voices of the communities that are marginalised.

"It's about acknowledging that sort of really hateful speech that's happening in the context of an incredibly vulnerable community. 

"We know that trans people in Aotearoa is prejudiced in every measure, whether it's health care, addiction treatment, domestic and sexual violence.

"It's absolutely our responsibility to use our platforms to say you exist, you are part of our community, and we will fight for you when your rights are being attacked."

Listen to the full interview between Golriz Ghahraman and Mel Homer above.

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