Stuart Nash's ex-colleague not shocked his loose lips have seen him sacked

Stuart Nash's ex-colleague not shocked his loose lips have seen him sacked

Stuart Nash, former Minister of Police has been removed from Cabinet by the Prime Minister following his fourth breach of the cabinet manual. 

This time, Nash is accused of sending top-secret information about cabinet decisions to property investors who had a vested interest in the policy decisions and had also donated money to Nash's political campaign.

Chris Hipkins has not only removed Nash from Cabinet but has also encouraged him to consider resigning from Parliament altogether. Such a move would force a by-election in his Napier seat.

Nash's former colleague Matt McCarten, former chief of staff for the Labour Party, expressed little surprise at Nash's removal from Cabinet. McCarten told Tova O'Brien that Nash was known for having loose lips.

"What he used to do is not through guile. He wasn't one of those guys who was [after] any personal gain, he would just overshare and go too far," McCarten said.

"His colleagues used to get really upset because he would tell journalists like yourself what he really thought and then his stories would appear in the news and so it just eroded trust. When you spoke to him, he genuinely didn't think it was that big of a deal."

While Nash may have just been over-sharing, McCarten revealed that he had warned Nash multiple times about his behaviour, as his colleagues lost faith in him. 

While Nash's previous breaches of the cabinet manual occurred outside of his ministerial portfolios, McCarten stated that his recent actions could not be justified.

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