Christopher Luxon speaks about agriculture emissions

Christopher Luxon speaks about agriculture emissions

The Government’s plan to charge farmers for agriculture emissions has caused outrage across the country. 

Christopher Luxon discusses on REX Podcast about how the National Party will go about greenhouse gas emissions in 2023. 

"Look, we've got to go back to the drawing board," said Luxon.

"It's going to be technology not bankruptcy that's going to get us there in the end.

"Making sure we've got those investments right and everyone getting full credit for sequestration efforts on the farm."

The National Party leader spoke on his thoughts of the state of the sector at the moment. 

"We are very positive with our agriculture. 

"It's a fantastic sector, there's huge amounts of technology, there's lots of facets to it that you can get involved with.

"Preserve and enhance that. 

"We understand the challenges with regulations, agriculture emissions and we will work our way through it together."

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