Best of Central Otago preparing for Wanaka A&P Show

Best of Central Otago preparing for Wanaka A&P Show

24 April 2023 12:31PM

The best of Central Otago is preparing to be paraded at the Wanaka A&P show next year. 

Held on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 March, the inaugural event hosts around 40,000 people to experience the best of rural life and living. 

Livestock Manager Fe Howie told Rural Exchange there was a lot on the cards this year with farming, animals, equestrian action, epicurean delights, a plethora of wines, liquors and boutique beer and live entertainment for the whole family.

The Inaugural Supreme Fine Wool Competition will also be held, alongside an innovation tent focusing on the property of all wools. 

“The public gets the opportunity to go in there and put their hands in a fleece and feel it and just feel the absolute natural quality as opposed to a man-made fibre, its just beautiful.” 

Children were also excited for the Junior Handlers cattle with the last competition for the Southern Districts circuit. 

“They’re very proud handlers when they parade their stocks and it's just great to see that they’ve got the opportunity to experience that sort of competitive level.” 

The Merino Judging also had a junior event, with the winner getting to travel to Australia. 

“It is highly contested, so we’re very excited to have that competition here,” she said. 

The event of the year, however, is the famous Jack Russell Race which has been bringing in crowds for 20 years. 

Listen to the full interview with Livestock Manager Fe Howie and Rural Exchange above. 

This article was produced in partnership with the Wanaka A&P Show and TodayFM.