Dairy Women's Network getting 'wild' in the new year

Dairy Women's Network getting 'wild' in the new year

24 April 2023 12:46PM

Dairy Women's Network is encouraging its members to go wild with their events in 2023. 

CEO Jules Benton told Rural Exchange they wanted to encourage members to try something new with what they're calling 'sparkle events'. 

"We also need to understand that not everyone wants to come to an event or a workshop that is farming focussed, I think that's really important but they also want to do some stuff where they don't want to talk about the" farm, they want to have some fun and they want to connect," Benton said. 

Eastern Bay of Plenty had already heeded the message and would be hitting the dirt bike track in the New Year. 

"Why not, why not get the girls on dirt bikes," she said. 

Benton was looking forward to continuing to support the sector through learning, education and leadership and seeing its members grow. 

"Dairy Women's Network is about the people, how we connect and how we engage with each other, good days and bad days, it's always about the people and sharing stories," she said. 

2023 was also a year for celebrating 25 years of the Network, she said, with a conference in Invercargill in May. 

"Celebrating where we've come from, where we are now and looking forward to the next 25 years." 

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This article was produced in partnership with Dairy Women's Network and TodayFM.