Can mussels help your muscles? Mussel powder revealed to help aid muscle recovery

Can mussels help your muscles? Mussel powder revealed to help aid muscle recovery

The study showed that consuming the greenshell mussel for four weeks prior to doing an exercise that induces muscle damage to the quadriceps led to improved recovery speed in muscle function as well as reduced muscle soreness.

Science Team Leader at Plant & Food Research Dr Dominic Lomiwes is the study lead for this trial and told REX host Dominic George they saw a significant difference between the patients who took the greenshell mussel powder compared to those who didn't.

"What we found was that after the exercise we did see that reduction in muscle soreness but the reduction of the severity of muscle soreness dissipated quicker when they took the greenshell mussel powder," he said.

"At the same time, the improvement in muscle strength after muscle damage also improved much faster compared to when they were given the placebo."

They have not yet explored exactly what bioactive or combination of bioactives within the green mussel powder are having this positive effect on exercise recovery, but Dr Lomiwes said it is something they are definitely interested in investigating further.

"Is it a single ingredient or is it a combination? That's what we don't know yet."

He noted the initial study only recruited untrained men but believes the greenshell mussel powder could be something implemented by regular gym-goers or 'weekend warriors' playing amateur sports.

Listen to the full chat between Plant & Food Research Science Team Leader Dr Dominic Lomiwes and Dominic George above.

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