'It's bloody frustrating' - Power Farming CEO says Kiwi farmers are 'grossly misunderstood'

'It's bloody frustrating' - Power Farming CEO says Kiwi farmers are 'grossly misunderstood'

The Power Farming Group is the largest independent, privately owned importer and distributor of tractors and agricultural machinery in New Zealand. 

Tom Ruddenklau is their Chief Executive and told REX host Dominic George live at Fieldays he thinks a lot of their customers are 'grossly misunderstood' and misrepresented across New Zealand.

"It's bloody frustrating.

"The sophistication that our customers operate their business and the pressure, undue in my eyes that they're put under from legislation and a Government that doesn't really understand what's going on, it's incredibly frustrating."

Despite the difficulties he believes the rural sector is facing when it comes to legislation, Ruddenklau told George that the next year is looking very positive for Power Farming.

"The next 12 months for us, we are very optimistic," he said.

"We are forecasting about 20% topline turnover growth…we are expanding our footprint in New Zealand, next part that's driving growth is our construction sector JCB and we've really got that thing starting to crank.

"We've had some supply constraints and we've now got some more supply of some of our product, particularly in the machinery side too."

While he said as a business they are expecting steady growth in the near future, Ruddenklau did identify the fact that a lot of Kiwis are facing a cost-of-living crisis which could impact their business.

"We have to be cognisant of some of the pressures, particularly cost pressures our customers are under and we've got to take our time and support them."

Listen to the full chat between Power Farming Chief Executive Tom Ruddenklau and Dominic George above.

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