New Zealand distillery signs multi-year contract with world-wide liquor Society
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New Zealand distillery signs multi-year contract with world-wide liquor Society

Reefton Distilling Co has signed a multi-year contract to supply whisky to Edinburgh's Scotch Malt Whiskey Society.

They are providing both bulk newmake spirit (unaged whiskey) which will go over to Scotland and be matured in their warehouses as well as maturing multiple casks on-site in Reefton that will eventually get bottled and released to the society.

Founder and Chief Executive Patsy Bass told REX host Dominic George the deal is not only great news for their business, but New Zealand Whiskey in general.

"There were a few tears [and] a bit of dancing around," she said.

"This is the pinnacle."

With over 40,000 global members, the Edinburgh Scotch Malt Whiskey Society is one of the largest of its kind and sent great feedback to Reefton after trying a sample of their Moonlight Creek Single Malt.

"They are looking for a really simple quality and a promise from the spirit they are trying that they are confident can be matured into something quite spectacular."

While the society does recognise the distillery, Bass explained they try to keep the branding reasonably generic to keep the focus on the aromas and flavours rather than a brand.

"There will soon be a story out to all of their members telling them about Reefton and the journey and helping to create interest in the product when it's available."

Based on the West Coast of the South Island, Bass told George that the abundance of natural resources available to them play a vital part in the quality of their final product.

"One of the main ingredients in whiskey is water and we've got no shortage of that with some of the purest in the world in Reefton so that's obviously a big draw card.

"The grain we get from over in Canterbury is some of the best in the world."

The deal has also had a hugely positive impact on the staff at Reefton Distilling Co which Bass said is great to see.

"Part of that enjoyment in your job is to be able to do things that perhaps people didn't think we could do."

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