The Once a Day Farmer on once-a-day milking and how he built a social following as a Farmer

The Once a Day Farmer on once-a-day milking and how he built a social following as a Farmer

Just over a year ago, Andrew Macky won the Waikato Dairy Farm Manager Award at the annual shindig.

Twelve months on, Macky told REX hosts Hamish McKay and Rebecca Greaves it was a very proud moment in his farming career.

"It's been pretty awesome," he said.

"It was one heck of a learning experience and it sort of reinforced what I was doing, that I'm going in the right direction."

A big fan of once-a-day-milking, Macky said his father first adopted the system 7 or 8 years ago and while it doesn't necessarily work for everyone, it's what works best on his farm.

"It's also got great benefits, our reproduction results are usually pretty good, our cows walk less and they do recover just that little bit quicker after calving, there's just that little bit less stress on them."

Once-a-day-milking has lifestyle benefits too, particularly for those with young families as it tends to offer more opportunities to spend more time off the farm and in the house.

Macky has also amassed a significant following online documenting his life as a farmer and uploading them to YouTube and social media as 'The Once a Day Farmer'.

He told Greaves and McKay he was inspired by seeing other farmers recording what they do on the farm and around two years ago decided he would also give it a go.

"The first video is always the hardest, Dad was in it and he thought I was absolutely crazy but I managed to get a small following rather quickly and it slowly grew.

"Now I try and put out two videos a week of just what's happening on the farm.

"It's a lot of work and it's very challenging coming up with content and doing it on a regular basis but it's very rewarding too."

Macky believes his honest and open approach to his content is what makes it so appealing to his followers and has helped significantly in amassing his 23,500 YouTube subscribers.

"I do talk about how we go on the farm, I talk a little bit around the money side of things and my thought processes that we do on the farm and people enjoy that."

 A big fan of the NZ Warriors, Macky, Greaves and McKay went on to discuss the upcoming season, being a Warriors fan and whether this year is the Warriors year or not.