Emma Poole becomes historic first female winner of FMG Young Farmer of the Year award
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Emma Poole becomes historic first female winner of FMG Young Farmer of the Year award

The FMG Young Farmer of the Year Grand Final has officially crowned its first female champion.

Emma Poole was announced as the winner of the 2023 FMG Young Farmer of the Year Award over the weekend and told REX host Dominic George she knew it was going to be a close finish.

"The spread of points is so tight through those seven contestants," she said.

"I hadn't won any of the individual categories so I was sort of thinking I might not have done enough."

Poole is stoked to be the first woman to win the Young Farmer of the Year award and is honoured to have her name etched into the history of such a prestigious competition. 

"It is neat and how cool to be taking that forward.

"Hopefully there are a few behind me and they will be able to take their place in history as it happens."

While she admitted there is an element of her being just the best competitor on the day Poole told George it shows where the rural sector is as a community.

"There are jobs here for everyone and anyone and it doesn't matter who you are, you can find a way to do things within this sector so don't let anything be a barrier to growth."

Agrisports was the most difficult part of the contest for Poole, but her thorough preparation to deal with the high-intensity moments helped her push through to the end.

"The pressure and stress came on me a little bit then because I knew I'd had a really good day up until then.

"It was about trying to keep a clear head when things were going southward and making a new plan to carry on and get across that finish line."

Poole's brother Tim Dangen was 2022's winner and her husband Chris was last year's runner-up, who she said were both ecstatic to see her victory.

Listen to the full chat between FMG Young Farmer of the Year Emma Poole and Dominic George above.

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