Netspeed Managing Director confident 5G rollout will be 'fairly quick' to rural NZ

Netspeed Managing Director confident 5G rollout will be 'fairly quick' to rural NZ

The latest data reports that 5G has seen the fastest adoption of any mobile technology released to general populations so far. 

Although it hasn't yet been installed in the most rural parts of Aotearoa, Netspeed Managing Director Stan Rivett told REX Today host Dominic George it is on the way.

"It is going to be a bit of a challenge out in the rural areas but it will be there," he said.

He explained that 5G coverage towers require a different router to the standard tower which is not a cheap investment but is optimistic that as it becomes more common, the prices will drop a fair bit.

"Things have skipped along, 4G is pretty much ubiquitous now but 5G is going to roll on and I think the rollout will be fairly quick.

"There was a whole lot of messing around with frequencies but that all seems to be settling down now and that's going to really go well."

Some of the most rural areas of Aotearoa still contain spots of 3G coverage but Rivett said a number of companies are changing those frequencies to 5G and removing 3G altogether.

"2Degrees are dropping 3G altogether because they want to use those frequencies for 5G and the same with other networks, so eventually 3G will disappear forever."

2G, however, Rivett said is used for a lot more novel connections and will likely not be replaced for a long time if at all.

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