Innovation, technology, and community: Jules Benton's vision for a thriving farming industry

Innovation, technology, and community: Jules Benton's vision for a thriving farming industry

Jules Benton is the Chief Executive of the Dairy Women's Network and gave REX host Dominic George an insight into the innovative Farming for the Future Leadership Program, the latest trends in farming technology, and the value of community in tackling regional farming issues.

Benton spoke passionately about the Farming for the Future Leadership Program, a unique initiative focusing on three critical areas: people, planet, and profit. She described how regional business groups are tailoring the program to meet their specific needs and tackle their unique challenges. 

Benton highlighted the importance of innovative technology in farming's future specifically referring to the introduction of New Zealand's first-ever fully electric tractor as a good example.

“Mike [Casey] is certainly a really inspiring person," she said.

"I heard him speak at Fieldays, and wow, he's just really trying himself in there and has that let's try this and see how it goes and, to his credit, he's certainly leading the way and also showing others you know that what can be done." 

She also emphasized the importance of community connectivity, citing the remarkable work of Sue Skelton, who rallied Northland farms following the destructive Cyclone Gabriel. 

Benton underscored the strength of communities in dealing with local issues and how it fosters greater commitment and involvement.

"Let communities and those regional communities, agri-communities, look at their challenges. What are the opportunities? How do we deal with it? 

"Then we come in behind and help them move forward and provide those tools and resources that they need and support."

Benton also revealed some exciting upcoming events for the Dairy Women's Network, including a day with their partners at UBCO Farm Bikes and the celebration of their 25th anniversary on December 1st.

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