Navigating change and challenges: An inside look into Dairy NZ leadership with Colin Glass

Navigating change and challenges: An inside look into Dairy NZ leadership with Colin Glass

In the rapidly changing landscape of New Zealand's dairy industry, few are more qualified to discuss the sector's trials, triumphs, and future than outgoing Dairy NZ farmer director Colin Glass. 

One of the key points of discussion was the challenging terrain navigated by Dairy NZ, particularly during the implementation of the M bovis Governance Group, the Essential Fresh Water Reform, and the Agricultural Emissions Pricing

Glass told REX host Dominic George about the crucial role Dairy NZ has played in championing farmers amidst a time of rapid change. 

"It's been a great ride over the last six years. I'm very excited about the future of the dairy industry," he said.

Glass highlighted the significance of robust leadership in steering through these disruptions. His insights and advice were particularly invaluable for those contemplating a nomination for a position on the Dairy NZ board. 

"If there's ever a time for those that have an eye on leadership within the sector to step up, now is the time."

He further emphasised the importance of scientific understanding in the industry and nurturing a strong bond with farming communities. 

"We need good leaders, those that have a strong connection with farming and a real knowledge around the science and an understanding of the importance in science to really want to be part of that for the future," Glass explained.

The outgoing director also acknowledged the current challenges facing the dairy sector, including higher interest rates, higher costs on farms, and lower prices. 

Despite these hurdles, he remained optimistic about the resilience of New Zealand's dairy farmers. 

"It's our ability to navigate these times that actually make us better."

When asked about his next steps after stepping down from the Dairy NZ board, Glass confirmed that he will remain with Dairy Holdings Limited and continue to grow his own farming business.

Going forward, he is optimistic that the industry will be in safe hands going forward and that New Zealand's dairy sector will continue to thrive. 

"I believe it's the bit that's always set New Zealand up well is that each successive generation has always had hope in the future of the sector."

Colin Glass's experience and wisdom offer a valuable perspective for anyone invested in New Zealand's dairy sector. As the industry continues to navigate its future amidst rapid change and evolving challenges, his words serve as a beacon, illuminating the path forward.

Listen to the full chat between outgoing Dairy NZ Chief Executive Colin Glass and Dominic George above.

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