17-year-old rising star 'excited' to represent NZ in Trans-Tasman Rodeo Challenge
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17-year-old rising star 'excited' to represent NZ in Trans-Tasman Rodeo Challenge

Bull riding is not a sport for the faint-hearted, and takes years of hard work and dedication to even get involved in the first place, let alone compete.

But 17-year-old Beau Armstrong has taken to bull riding like a duck to water and despite juggling his career in the ring with high school, the teenager is thriving in both realms.

Not just a passionate rodeo enthusiast, he also holds the prestigious position of Head at Flower's Boarding House at Christ's College in Christchurch. Growing up on a family ranch in North Canterbury, Armstrong told REX host Dominic George his rodeo journey began at the tender age of 10 and since then, his love for bull riding has grown exponentially. 

"It takes a bit of learning, getting it all right for a start, and then, once you start getting it all right, you start working on the little things and it's just going to make it better," he explained.

The 17-year-old will be heading across the ditch this week, representing New Zealand in the trans-Tasman Rodeo Challenge in the junior bull class, an opportunity he is excited to take.

 "It should be a great experience and we'll represent the country over there and it'll be good."

Armstrong’s bull riding prowess is a result of a robust training regime that he meticulously follows, even while managing his academic commitments.

"Just keeping fit, like most of the time, and then on the weekends I go out and go to Willie Jameson and get on bulls there and practice on a bucking barrel." 

His commitment to fitness also includes playing rugby during winter, a sport that takes precedence over bull riding for him during the season.

Apart from the rodeo, Armstrong also participated in the Coast to Coast team event where he showcased his athleticism by securing second place in the boys' category.

"It was quite a good challenge going and doing that and kept me fit."

The young rodeo star's future plans go beyond the bull riding circuit. Armstrong revealed his ambitions to get his helicopter license and to venture into the outback as a jackaroo. 

"I'd like to carry on this for a few more years, while my body can sort of handle it, I guess. 

"And then I guess I'd like to get my helicopter license and get into a bit of ag work and the helicopter sector," Armstrong explained.

Listen to the full chat between 17-year-old bull rider Beau Armstrong and Dominic George above.

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