A new era for agriculture in New Zealand: National Party leader reveals election promise

A new era for agriculture in New Zealand: National Party leader reveals election promise

New Zealand's farming industry is as varied as the country's stunning landscapes. But like a complex tapestry, its threads are tightly woven together by intricate regulations, which can often pose a challenge for the farming community.

Ahead of next month's general election, National Party leader Christopher Luxon elaborated on his party's vision for simplifying farming regulations and dealing with the pressing issue of agricultural emissions.

Luxon told REX host Dominic George he believes in a different narrative - one of practical solutions and less bureaucratic red tape.

"These are things that, with Todd and I going around the country, talking to farmers over the last six months, are the kinds of practical things that they tell us would help make a difference."

One such action revolves around water storage on farmland, a crucial aspect of the farming process. The National Party proposes to remove the need for additional consent for the construction of water storage ponds on farmland.

"You don't need a separate consent on top of that to actually build a water storage pond on land."

The discussion took a decisive turn when it shifted to agricultural emissions - a concern that hangs like a sword of Damocles over the farming community. Here too, Luxon advocates a pragmatic approach. 

"We've got a sequencing approach here that actually makes us sensible and it actually will make sure that New Zealand's products are well regarded around the world."

The National Party leader envisions equipping farmers with the right tools and technologies to manage emissions effectively. He also underscores the importance of rewarding farmers for their commendable environmental practices, thereby fostering a win-win situation.

In the face of impending environmental crises, sensible emissions pricing policies could well be the game-changer. "Introduce sensible emissions pricing policies later," thereby reinforcing his party's commitment to protecting the environment while ensuring the sustained growth of New Zealand's farming industry.

Whether these promises materialise into effective policies remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear - the conversation around New Zealand's farming future is far from over.

Listen to the full chat between National Party Leader Christopher Luxon and Dominic George above.

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