Championing resilience: Daniel Eb's bold proposals to secure NZ's rural future
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Championing resilience: Daniel Eb's bold proposals to secure NZ's rural future

Daniel Eb is not your average rural businessman. As the founder of Open Farms and Dirt Road Comms, he holds an interesting mix of agricultural know-how and sharp political acumen. 

He brought the looming threat of global changes up with REX host Dominic George and highlighted the need for resilient strategies in the New Zealand rural sector to overcome these challenges.

"Is this an election like it was in 2005, where things are kind of going okay, let's just do more of the same and we can sort of tutu at the edges and tax tweaks and small bits and pieces," he asked.

"Or is this more like the 80s, where we're going through a really seismic shift?"

His question points to a larger, pressing issue - the dramatic shifts in global dynamics that are directly impacting the rural sector in New Zealand.

One of the critical areas that Eb highlighted was food security, an issue amplified by escalating food and petrol prices. 

"Food prices have come up 12% in the last year. 

"That's crazy when you really think about how many tens of thousands of Kiwis now have been pushed back and backwards into food security."

Eb also delved into the concept of globalisation and its effects on society. He argued that while crises often act as catalysts for cohesion, they also underscore the need for bold investment in policies that directly address the nation's challenges. 

Eb proposed initiatives like a postal shipping network, food and farming security strategies, and citizenship and civics training for young New Zealanders.

Furthermore, he brought attention to the potential repercussions of artificial intelligence. 

"We have no idea what that is going to do," Eb noted, pointing to the unknown variables that technology introduces into society and, by extension, the rural sector.

Eb's insights have been met with a positive response, further emphasizing the need for leaders who can rise to the demands of a globalised society. As he noted in the podcast, "Just because things are going to get hard, it doesn't mean they can't still be good."

In the face of significant global shifts, Eb's perspective serves as a reminder of the importance of resilience, innovative thinking, and proactive policies in shaping the future of New Zealand's rural sector. 

Listen to the full chat between the Founder of Open Farms & Dirt Road Comms Daniel Eb and Dominic George above.

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