Former All Black live from RWC in France talks rugby, heatwaves and crop conditions

Former All Black live from RWC in France talks rugby, heatwaves and crop conditions

It's not often that the worlds of sports and agriculture intersect, but friend of the show and Carter's Brand Ambassador Richard Loe joined REX host Dominic George for a conversation that was just that. 

As a former All Black, Loe offered his unique insights into the current state of rugby refereeing and how it's impacting the game. According to Loe, the inconsistencies in referee decisions are not only frustrating but are also threatening the integrity of the game.

"Refereeing is already, after one round, effectively, of the rugby world cup, already the talking point it is," he lamented.

"And you see what happened to Curry, the English player. He got three weeks. Then you watched the Scottish player get hit by a South African player. Worse, got off scot-free."

These inconsistencies, Loe argued, are confusing for players and spectators alike, leading to dissatisfaction and disillusionment. 

"It's these no-arm tackles, shoulder to the head, that sort of thing, you know, head on head sometimes happens. 

"But I just think they'll ruin the game of rugby and I think this World Cup is aiming for that already."

As the conversation shifted, Loe brought attention to the climate crisis' impact on French agriculture. Specifically, he highlighted how the scorching Parisian weather and arid conditions are threatening local agriculture and livestock.

"We took the back roads away but a lot of maize, a lot of sorghum, a lot of sunflowers ready to be harvested, but everything else is just kind of dry," he explained.

Notably, he highlighted the famed Limousine cattle, renowned for producing some of the best beef in France. These cattle, Loe shared, are struggling with the harsh weather conditions, with farmers having to resort to supplementary feeding. 

"You get down towards Limoges, where they're renowned for the limousin cattle. 

"The cattle are standing under a tree with bugger all to eat, and all they're getting is what the farmer feeds them each day in a big baler."

Listen to the full chat between Carter's brand Ambassador Richard Loe and Dominic George above.

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