Harmonising farm life and country music: A chat with Cam Scott

Harmonising farm life and country music: A chat with Cam Scott

Farm life and country music are two distinct worlds that seemingly run on parallel lines. Yet, one man has found the rhythm to sync these two passions harmoniously, and he hails from the heartland of New Zealand. 

Growing up in South Canterbury and working on a family farm, Cam Scott discovered an unusual harmony between the hard work in the fields and the melodious tunes of country music.

He told REX host Dominic George about the country music revolution that's currently unfolding in New Zealand. 

“We were very, very passionate about trying to almost make country cool in New Zealand again, and that has had a big swing,” he said. 

Not only is he excited about the revival of the genre, but he's also optimistic about its future. 

“The Americans are obviously big drivers of that… they're not just targeting rural crowds anymore like you're hearing it on the mainstream media now.”

Despite his passion for music, Scott hasn't lost touch with his farming roots. When asked about the challenges facing the agricultural industry, Scott spoke about the importance of community, succession planning, and continuous learning. 

He shared his own experience of using technology to stay connected in rural areas and how he draws from podcasts to broaden his knowledge base within the agricultural sector.

Scott's dual role as a farmer and musician gives him a unique perspective on the world. He’s aware of the issues facing both industries, from the telecommunications challenges of rural communities to the digital evolution of country music. 

His commitment to both worlds is evident in his work, from the fields of South Canterbury to the country music scene.

When asked about the balance between his love for music and farming, Scott said that the two worlds offer such different experiences which is something that he particularly loves.

"For me, it's been a bit of a journey… It's just something totally different. You get away and meet a new crowd of people. Yeah, it's just, it's amazing. It's really, really, really cool."

His dedication to farming isn't limited to his own farm. His family business, Elite Performer, was nominated for the New Zealand Rural Innovation Awards. This is a testament to his commitment to the agricultural industry and its future.

For those looking to explore the intersection of country music and agriculture, Cam Scott is your go-to guide. His insights into both worlds provide a fresh perspective, one that will inspire both music lovers and farming enthusiasts alike.

So, whether you're tapping your boots to the beat of a country song or tilling the soil of the fields, remember that these two worlds can coexist harmoniously - just ask Cam Scott.

Find out more about Cam Scott at his website camscottmusic.com.

Listen to the full chat between farmer & musician Cam Scott and Dominic George above.

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