Netspeed reveals community-based initiative supporting local clubs & charities

Netspeed reveals community-based initiative supporting local clubs & charities

In a world where cyber threats are ever-present, Netspeed Managing Director Stan Rivett offered REX host Dominic George an important piece of advice when it comes to surfing the web - "don't drink and click." 

An anecdote of his own encounter with a phishing scam, Rivett illustrated that even tech professionals can sometimes fall into cyber traps.

"I wish I could say that, you know, being an IT professional, I wouldn't fall for that stuff," he humorously confessed. 

Rivett's admission served as a timely reminder for everyone to be vigilant and critical of the emails and messages they receive daily.

He explained a promising initiative where the company contributes $100 to a club or charity chosen by a customer who signs up for a new connection. 

"So if you sign up for a new connection with Netspeed, we'll bring $100 to the charity or club of your choice."

Furthermore, Rivett explained that if a club's members all connect with Netspeed, the company could start contributing money to the club each month based on the number of members connected. This initiative is proving to be popular, especially at a time when many clubs are under financial pressure.

The duo also discussed their shared passion for motorsports and their admiration for young Liam Lawson's impressive performance in Formula One. Rivett, a self-proclaimed motorsports fan, expressed his excitement. 

"He's having a dream run and you know is doing really well."

Whether you are a tech enthusiast, a sports fan, or someone interested in supporting local charities, this episode of REX featuring Stan Rivett from Netspeed certainly had something for everyone.

Listen to the full chat between Netspeed Managing Director Stan Rivett and Dominic George above.

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