Riding into a brighter future: Dairy Women's Network leads charge on mental health & innovation
Health and Wellbeing
Health and Wellbeing

Riding into a brighter future: Dairy Women's Network leads charge on mental health & innovation

As the old saying goes, 'It's not all doom and gloom' and while many rural Kiwis might feel this is the case, Dairy Women's Network CEO Jules Benton believes there are plenty of positives to take out of this year too.

Benton told REX host Dominic George about the upcoming Dairy Women's Network events that offer a refreshing take on the often negative news cycle. 

'Tell Me the Good News' is one such webinar set for September 19th, designed to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, it aims to tackle the overwhelming tide of negative news.

"We do sometimes get a little bit overwhelmed with all the negative news out there, whether that's within New Zealand or globally, and that can really impact us right, and it's how we deal with that news and wade through it and make sure that we're not getting overwhelmed with it," Benton said.

The guest speaker for the event is none other than Jehan Casinader, a former TVNZ reporter who's been through some dark times himself. Casinader's personal journey, which he penned in his book, will serve as a beacon of hope for listeners. 

"He shares his story. He shares his messages. 

"He is just one of the most beautiful speakers in how he articulates his message," praised Benton.

As a bonus, Casinader is giving away 50 signed copies of his book to the webinar attendees. 

Switching gears, the Dairy Women's Network is also championing the cause of sustainable farming and innovation with the "Coffee, Collars, and Cool Bikes" event on September 28th.

Taking place on Pete Morgan's farm in Te Awa Mutu, attendees will have the chance to see the UBCO electric farm bikes in action and get hands-on experience.

"They had an amazing stand at Fieldays. 

"They had a phenomenal turnout and response at Fieldays as well. I have to say that a good number of Dairy Woman's Network members actually purchased bikes as a result of Fieldays, so that's pretty cool."

As she puts it, the event is all about "information, sharing, connection, coffee, and having some fun on some cool bikes."

Benton's upbeat attitude and relentless drive to create positive spaces in the farming community are a testament to the resilience of New Zealand's rural communities. In a world often overwhelmed by negative news, these stories of triumph, hope, and innovation are the good news we all need to hear.

Listen to the full chat between Dairy Women's Network Jules Benton and Dominic George above.

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