Rural mental health advocate reveals two sectors politics should stay away from
Health and Wellbeing
Health and Wellbeing

Rural mental health advocate reveals two sectors politics should stay away from

Rural communities are more than just vast fields, grazing cattle, and the scent of freshly tilled soil. They are the foundation of a nation's sustenance, the cradle of resilience and the wellspring of shared values. As such, the conversations that take place in these communities can serve as insightful narratives for the rest of the world. 

Rural mental health advocate Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins expressed his concerns about the impact of environmental changes on the mental well-being of farmers to REX host Dominic George. 

He also shed light on the need for qualified staff in the mental health sector and the pressing issue of organizations competing for the same funding.

"It's never been about what can we get out of this, it's what can we leave behind," said Wiggy, a sentiment that reverberated throughout the conversation. 

His advocacy for community-based mental health initiatives underscores the need for a grassroots approach to addressing mental health concerns in rural areas.

With less than a month until the general election and the ever-growing list of promises of legislative reform, Wiggy raised concerns about the impact of politics on education. 

"There are two things politics probably shouldn't get involved in, but they do. 

"One is sport and the other is education." 

He also pointed out that the changes in the curriculum and the burden it places on teachers and principals are issues that need urgent attention.

Whether you are a farmer tending to your fields, an educator navigating the labyrinth of curriculum changes, or a mental health advocate striving to make a difference, the conversation between Dominic George and Wiggy is a testament to the resilience of rural communities. 

In their voices, we find echoes of our own struggles and triumphs and a reminder that no matter how vast the fields or how unpredictable the weather, the power of community can weather any storm.

Listen to the full chat between rural mental health advocate Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins and Dominic George above.

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