Unleashing the power of livestock farming: An insight with Katie Milne

Unleashing the power of livestock farming: An insight with Katie Milne

In a world that's increasingly leaning towards plant-based proteins, it's more important than ever to understand the crucial role livestock farming plays in our communities and ecosystems. 

A champion for the importance of livestock farming, Former Federated Farmers President and prominent figure in world farming Katie Milne told REX host Dominic George she is against the current global push towards plant-based proteins. 

"There's a big push around the world to get rid of a bit of the old animal protein and get everyone moved more towards plant-based proteins, which is a bit of a load of bollocks if you ask me," she said. 

Milne emphasised that livestock farming not only provides nutritious food but also plays a significant role in ecosystem health and community resilience.

"There's a lot of complexity around it, but a lot of basic stuff that needs to be kept in the forefront of people's minds when they write policy that can have long-term effects for communities and their resilience and a whole lot of things."

Another fascinating part of the discussion revolved around advancements in predator eradication technology, a subject that Milne is deeply involved in. The Predator Free 2050 initiative is a promising step towards large-scale wildlife conservation. 

"We're proving out that you can do it at scale at the moment, and that's the big key."

She explained how cutting-edge technology like the AT220s, which can reset traps, and AI-based facial recognition systems, could revolutionize predator eradication efforts. 

"These possums are so attracted to that lure that they are climbing over the bodies. It just shows you how effective it can be to get the right technology together."

Finally, the conversation turned towards the dairy industry trends and the effects of soaring oil prices on export markets. 

"When barrels of oil get really expensive, the commodity price for us usually folds it up in export. That's quite amazing how that usually happens."

Katie Milne, with her deep knowledge and experience, underlined the importance for farmers to stay updated on commodity prices and remain adaptable in an ever-evolving market.

Listen to the full chat between Katie Milne and Dominic George above.

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