Unpacking memories: Former All Black Richard Loe preps for World Cup hosting duties

Unpacking memories: Former All Black Richard Loe preps for World Cup hosting duties

Renowned for his passionate devotion to rugby, Richard Loe, Carter's brand ambassador, recently joined REX host Dominic George to share some heartwarming stories about French rugby and his exciting upcoming duties at the World Cup.

Richard Loe's rugby journey has been nothing short of spectacular. He recounted his time playing rugby in France with fondness.

"Yeah, I had one or two seasons there, so to speak, well maybe a few more than that," he said.

But the real highlight for him was his chance encounter with the French '87 team. The French '87 team had a memorable run in the first World Cup and are planning a reunion this year. 

"It was this time last year where David Kirk mentioned to Joe Stanley and I were having a few at the reunion up in Auckland that we could be interested in this," Loe recalled. 

"And then about a month ago we got the big email saying they would like to host us at a couple of the games." 

Loe and Stanley will be hosting the first game in France and the Italy game in Lyon. Beyond the nostalgia, Loe shared his anticipation for the World Cup. 

"The bags are half packed," he confessed.

"I think, not me personally, but the bag will be well underweight, so I'm happy with that."

Rugby nostalgia and World Cup anticipation aside, Loe also offered insightful commentary on the All Blacks game at Twickenham. 

"Everyone said oh, but the referee? No, the referees didn't make a mistake, right down to Will Jordan's try when Telea actually dropped the ball. 

"That was a mistake, but that wasn't a mistake by the referee, it was a mistake by the players," he said.

Listen to the full chat between Carter's Brand Ambassador Richard Loe and Dominic George above.

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