National Party leader Christopher Luxon unravels Kiwi fiscal policy

National Party leader Christopher Luxon unravels Kiwi fiscal policy

New Zealand's fiscal policy and leadership dynamics have always been hot topics of conversation, especially during election season. 

National Party Leader Christopher Luxon didn't mince words while critiquing the Government's spending habits. He told REX host Dominic George that his main opposition in the upcoming election has been wasteful with their spending.

"This is a government that has been, I think, absolutely economically reckless," he said. 

He lamented the fact that despite an 80% increase in government spending, there hasn't been a significant improvement in health, education, infrastructure, or crime rates. 

"What we've got for it is we've actually had government debt go from five to a hundred billion dollars."

Luxon asserted that the need of the hour is to strike a balance between spending and debt, ensuring frontline services aren't compromised. He emphasized the importance of "disciplined spending, lower tax, and less debt," asserting that achieving this balance would require consistent, disciplined management.

The conversation turned towards the New Zealand election, coalition preferences, and the Labour government's plans. Luxon had some hard-hitting views on the struggles of farmers in the last six years, pointing out the increase in regulations and compliance farmers had to grapple with.

Luxon urged New Zealanders to understand the power of their vote, explaining how a single vote could alter the country's future. 

"If you want change, you have to vote it in and you have to give us the ability to do that."

Whether you agree with his views or not, there's no denying the compelling insights he offers into the Kiwi political landscape. As New Zealand gears up for the upcoming election, Luxon's perspectives serve as food for thought for every voter looking to make an informed decision.

Listen to the full chat between National Party Leader Christopher Luxon and Dominic George above.

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