On the hunt for education: Innovative e-learning platform revolutionising hunting in NZ

On the hunt for education: Innovative e-learning platform revolutionising hunting in NZ

If you are a person who is keen on hunting but isn't exactly sure of the specific steps needed to make sure you are following all the appropriate rules then Better Hunting could be the perfect solution for you.

Launched at the 30th anniversary of the Sika Show over the weekend, General Manager of the Game Animal Council Tim Gale told REX host Dominic George the e-learning platform is designed to educate and prepare hunters in New Zealand for the great outdoors.

"We designed it to fill a gap in the market," he said. 

"There's a big gap between getting your firearms license and actually going out and doing a practical hunter training course, such as (the one) run by the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association." 

The e-learning program comprises 28 interactive modules that cover a variety of topics, including navigation, weather forecasting, outdoor safety, firearm safety techniques, game animal management, and harvesting. 

Gale emphasises that Better Hunting isn't just for beginners but offers valuable knowledge even for experienced hunters. 

"It provides the fundamentals of hunting and hunter safety in New Zealand."

The platform's uniqueness lies in its interactive nature. Users can, for instance, learn how to sight their firearms using an on-screen simulation, with opportunities to fire shots at a target and adjust the scope. 

"It's really interactive and comprehensive," Gale explained. 

The platform also features a variety of games that teach users to identify game signs and decide on the most appropriate animal to target in a given situation. 

"There's a huge demand. We hear from people who are getting into it. 

"They're like it's not just about what gear to take, but there's all these associated skills and knowledge that you need to know about."

The Better Hunting platform is a collaborative effort between more than 24 organisations, including the New Zealand police and Air Force, the Deerstalkers Association, and various mountain clubs. 

"We don't need to reinvent the world, but what we've done is just really packaged it and then also provided some more modern context from what's out there and more modern knowledge."

The introduction of Better Hunting signals a new era for hunting in New Zealand, bringing a wealth of knowledge and insights to hunters of all experience levels. 

As Gale wisely put it, "Go on to BetterHuntingNZ and give it a go." 

So gear up, and embark on your hunting journey with Better Hunting, where the wilderness meets e-learning, and safety meets adventure.

Listen to the full chat between Tim Gale and Dominic George above.

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