Rugby, politics and pasture: Professor Derrick Moot on the World Cup and Spring planting
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Rugby, politics and pasture: Professor Derrick Moot on the World Cup and Spring planting

16 October 2023 5:47PM

Professor Derrick Moot from Lincoln University discusses rugby, politics and the intricacies of Spring planting with Dominic George.

A well-respected figure from Lincoln University, Professor Moot offered insightful observations on both the gripping Rugby World Cup and the evolving landscape of New Zealand's agriculture.

Reflecting on the exciting quarterfinal between France and South Africa this morning, Moot shared, "I'm quite enjoying the fact that three of the four left are Southern Hemisphere teams, which was not what we were hearing from the Northern Hemisphere press for a long time."

The professor then dug in to the latest developments and scientific advancements in agriculture, with a focus on genetic engineering and biotechnology. He shed light on how these fields have the potential to significantly impact the farming industry.

"I think the genetic engineering, biotechnology debate will come back on the table...the technology is now getting on for 40 years old and the US have been using it for 30 years publicly," Moot shared.

Of particular interest was his mention of Lucerne and Raphno - two plants that are making waves in weed control and providing summer feed.

According to Moot, "The Lucerne would be a longer-term option and continue to grow into the summer because there's water at depth that the brassica won't get... Both of them would be planted either should be in the ground or getting in the ground in the next couple of weeks."

Interestingly, Moot also delved into the political implications of these scientific advancements. The prospect of more science-based MPs in the cabinet could be a promising sign of how agriculture, science, and politics are increasingly becoming intertwined.

Listen to the full chat between Professor Moot and Dominic George above.

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