Whatever with Wiggy charitable trust raises $130,000 for harness rider facing cancer diagnosis

Whatever with Wiggy charitable trust raises $130,000 for harness rider facing cancer diagnosis

Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins is a long-time friend of REX and rural mental health advocate who helps rural communities across the globe.

One recent example of his generosity is evident in the case of talented and well-respected harness trainer-driver Katie Cox who was unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer.

Through the Whatever with Wiggy Charitable Trust, Coxs' friends and colleagues have set up a fund going towards private healthcare treatment, the only viable option for the 33-year-old.

The fund has so far raised $130,000 and Wiggy told REX host Dominic George that seeing the support of her community and the amount of people getting behind her is inspiring.

"The harness racing community and the wider community have come together to help Katie Cox, a young harness racing trainer and driver, who has been diagnosed with a genetic cancer." 

His efforts in rallying the community for Katie Cox's cause underline the sense of unity and support within the rural New Zealand community. Beyond his charitable activities, Wiggy also has an eye on the challenges and opportunities within New Zealand's agricultural sector.



Please deposit any donations small or large into the following account: Whatever with Wiggy 

Charitable Trust CC59951

Katie Cox Appeal


Please use the reference Katie - anonymous donations please use anon in the reference.


Wiggy referenced a recent report by Rabobank, where he touched specifically on the soaring fertilizer prices and the potential difficulties that could cause for Kiwi farmers.

"After extreme market volatility and record high prices in recent years, global fertilizer prices are expected to settle in 2024 despite uncertainty posed by the Israel-Hamas conflict."

Fonterra, the New Zealand multinational dairy co-operative, was also on the table. Wiggy quoted farmer Richard Dampney who has been vocal about the disconnect between co-op shareholders and the board. 

'A proposal to reduce the number of farmer elected directors will only make this worse,' Craig quoted Dampney as saying. 

Finally, turning to the topic of green kiwi fruit growers, Craig addressed the concerns over their returns and costs. He noted that New Zealand Kiwi Fruit Growers Incorporated is striving to give orchardists a platform to voice their issues. 

"In this season the majority of green growers will fail to make a profit and in some cases will fail to break even," he said, emphasising the current challenging situation. 

His tireless advocacy and insights serve as an important reminder of the diverse challenges and opportunities that exist within our communities. 

Listen to the full chat between Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins and Dominic George above.

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