2023 Young Auctioneer winner finds his calling in rural sector

2023 Young Auctioneer winner finds his calling in rural sector

The 2023 Heartland Bank Young Auctioneers Competition was held last week where Henry Miller emerged victorious.

Miller works at Hazlett Livestock, where he is primarily involved in auctioning prime Cadillac sheep. He told REX host Dom George about his strategies for coping with fluctuating market prices.

"Obviously, when the market's good, it's easy being an auctioneer," he admitted.

"But when prices are softening and you're still trying to keep the market up the best you can to see your vendors as we're working for them." 

Talking about his initial days in the auctioneering profession, Miller revealed that he had tried his hand at university for six weeks before deciding it was not for him. He then worked as a builder's labourer for a year before getting a job at Colgate through his uncle. His true calling, however, was in the agricultural sector, and he ultimately found his place in auctioneering. 

Miller also spoke about the importance of communication skills in his profession. 

"Like obviously there's a bit to being a stock agent, but you've got to just be able to untuck and talk to whoever and everyone." 

He added that while the stock side of things can be taught, one has to be naturally talkative and confident without coming off as arrogant. In addition to his work, Miller is an active participant in his community in Curran. He moved to the town a year ago and has been actively involved in various local activities. 

He humorously describes the town as "the middle of nowhere, but the middle of everywhere as well," due to its ideal location near ski fields, beaches, and other attractions. As a reward for winning the Heartland Bank Young Auctioneers Competition, Miller is elated to travel to Sydney. 

There, he will observe and learn from the city's auctioneering practices. Despite the trip coinciding with a busy season for his profession, Miller is excited about the opportunity. 

Listen to the full chat between Henry Miller and Dominic George above.

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