A dive into water management in agriculture with Robin Holmes

A dive into water management in agriculture with Robin Holmes

A seasoned Freshwater Ecologist, Robin Holmes joined REX host Dom George to discuss the intricacies of water management in farming. His work revolves around maintaining good water quality on farms, with an innovative approach of using stream bugs to measure water health. 

He is associated with the Cawthron Institute and works tirelessly with farmer catchment groups, indicating his commitment towards ensuring thriving water systems. He pointed out that "farmers that care" play a significant role in preserving water systems. 

He further highlighted the work of catchment groups in improving water quality, community involvement and regulatory standards as crucial elements in driving change. 

Holmes emphasised the importance of long-term commitment when forming catchment groups. 

The group's goal, he explained, is to be self-sufficient in maintaining water quality, even if that process may take decades. 

Holmes recommended that these groups reach out to local authorities and utilise online resources to access funding. 

"If you can make enough noise, then you'll get some attention from them," he said.

Switching gears, Holmes addressed the struggles and triumphs of indigenous writers in the entertainment industry. He explained that Cawthron underscores the importance of representation and diversity in storytelling and urges listeners to support and uplift indigenous voices. 

Listen to the full chat between Robin Holmes and Dominic George above.

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