A gallop through horse racing and farming with Rick Orr

A gallop through horse racing and farming with Rick Orr

Rick Orr is probably a rather distracted farmer at the moment. He's usually focused on his Red Oak Bull Stud and working on the farm at Weka Pass in Waipara, with four of his horses participating in the Canterbury Cup and Show week, he has been rather preoccupied of late.

Orr's family has been running the Red Oak Bull Stud for 100 years. Preparing for the Canterbury Cup and Show Week for Orr means juggling farm management and horse training at the same time.

Orr told REX host Dom George about the history of his family's involvement with horses, particularly his journey with his champion horse, Jaffa, which won last year. 

"It's quite good to breed something and you know it's your goal to try and breed a good one one day maybe," he said.

The discussion went into the finer details of farming and horse racing and highlighted the significance of choosing the right bull for the job and the use of artificial insemination. 

Orr also explored the intersection of farming and horse breeding. He talked about the similarities between breeding cattle, sheep, and horses, emphasising that the results in horse breeding speak for themselves. 

"There's no rhyme … with horses, it's more about heart and whether they want to win or not." 

He touched on the importance of passion and patience in the world of horse racing and farming. In addition to horse racing, they also touched on the social aspects of farming life. Orr discussed the tradition of the Canterbury Cup and Show Week, painting a vibrant picture of the community coming together to enjoy the races and the show. 

The conversation also briefly veered into the Hurunui Garden tour, showcasing another facet of Orr's life. 

Listen to the full chat between Rick Orr and Dominic George above.

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