Award-winning farm owner spills secrets behind success

Award-winning farm owner spills secrets behind success

The Awatere Valley is home to Muller Station which was recently awarded the Westpac Osgro Seeds Marlborough Farmer of the Year award for 2023.

Co-owner Steve Satterthwaite discussed his Marino operation's success, which has not only produced high-quality wool but also diversified income streams to protect against market fluctuations with REX host Dom George. 

The Satterthwaite family are all integral to the farm and he revealed their shared interest in the continuation of the family business. 

They also explored the growing trend of incorporating tourism into high-country farming. 

"Tourism has become a quite big thing with a lot of high country properties and it's been an appetite for that from urban New Zealand," he said.

"So that's another string that some people are really flipping the trigger on and in fact, some of them might be making as much out of that as they do in some of their other traditional income streams." 

The episode further celebrated the Muller Station's success, extending congratulations to Steve's family, staff, and all those involved. Satterthwaite acknowledged his wife and co-owner Mary's contributions.

"These things only happen because you've got a good wife in the background there, making sure all the guys that got in the seat across say no, she's an integral part of it." 

This engaging discussion offers listeners an exclusive look into high-country farming, the resilience needed in the industry, and the rising trend of agritourism. It also highlights the importance of family and teamwork in the success of such operations.

Listen to the full chat between Steve Satterthwaite and Dominic George above.

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