From farming to toy entrepreneurship: The unique journey of Brooke Watson

From farming to toy entrepreneurship: The unique journey of Brooke Watson

Running a B&B, fencing contractor business and also leasing out a small farm sounds like plenty of work for a young family, but one keen Southlander decided she wanted more on her plate to keep her busy.

So when Brooke Watson and her husband Scottie decided to give in to their kid's constant desire for construction toys so they could be more like their dad, Watson saw a business opportunity and took it.

The founder of 'Little Contractors', Brooke Watson shared her story of how she created a business out of replicating farm machinery for children with REX host Dom George. Imported from Germany the Bruder-made toys are incredibly lifelike with operational parts that can be replaced if broken, offering children a realistic experience. 

"All the parts move exactly the same. The silage choppers, the tractors steer, you can take the tyres off, you name it, it can do it," she said. 

The growth of her business, Watson explained, has been substantial since its inception. 

"It's very touching for someone who was pretty nervous about getting out of my comfort zone, from being a farmer and fencer to doing an online store and going into the kid's sector of life.

"It's very much a new thing for me, it's been great, the support."

Starting from a Facebook page to launching an online store through Shopify, Little Contractors has made significant strides since its creation last year. 

With a young family and an expanding online business, Watson also talked about how she has converted part of her garage into what is now dubbed the 'Christmas Toy Shop' where she stores her stock away from prying young eyes.

Listen to the full chat between Brooke Watson and Dominic George above.

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