Local business crafting sustainability one barrel at a time

Local business crafting sustainability one barrel at a time

PURE by the Barrelman is a business that breathes a second life into discarded wine barrels by crafting them into an array of products from furniture to unique garden decor. 

Co-owner Tania Candy told REX host Dom George about the beauty and value in recycling and reusing waste as well as the creativity and sustainability that drive the business.. 

"In the late 90s when we were young lovers, dating, we went to a wine and food festival with music and things, and here Darren saw a wine barrel there and he decided that he would go home and cut one in half and put plants in it and he'd have one for a bar, leaner and do other things," she said.

"And then he decided to create things from that and then it just went crazy after that." 

She went on to describe some of the unique products they create, such as platters from the tops of the barrels, furniture from the middle, and even gumboot racks and coat hooks. 

Candy particularly emphasised the zero-waste nature of their operation.

"So our sustainability line is pretty much that we recycle the oak wine barrel in its entirety with zero wastage." 

Candy also touched on the various avenues they use to sell their unique creations.

"We have a shop in the Waikuku Mill on the State Highway 1 north of Christchurch, and we also have an online store and then we go to a lot of the A&P shows, home shows, so lots of different places you can see us." 

PURE by the Barrel Man is more than just a business; it's a testament to the power of innovative recycling and sustainable practices. The company not only turns waste into wonder but also sparks conversations about sustainability and the need for creative recycling initiatives. 

Listen to the full chat between Tania Candy and Dominic George above.

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