NZ Wine Growers CEO optimistic industry will pull through challenging times

NZ Wine Growers CEO optimistic industry will pull through challenging times

New Zealand's vibrant wine industry is no stranger to attention. This small island nation, renowned for its Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, has captured the hearts and palates of wine lovers worldwide. 

The NZ Wine Growers Chief Executive Philip Gregan REX host Dominic George the industry has been facing some challenges recently similar to a lot of ag-based industries.

"There is a lot of feedback from wineries that exports of the new season's wines have been a bit slower than in recent years," he said.

However, he was optimistic these challenges wouldn't last too long, attributing them to a return to pre-COVID operations and the fuller supply chain post-2022 vintage. 

Gregan assured George of the efforts of the New Zealand Wine Growers organisation to maintain the premium price position of Sauvignon Blanc in the global markets. 

"We undertake a number of activities in markets. We've got people based in a number of our key markets. 

"We've got a program of activities, some of which are just restarting again post-COVID."

This resumption includes the re-engagement of key market influencers, crucial in spreading the gospel of New Zealand wines. 

"We're starting to bring key influences back into the market. 

"We're seeing writers and influences coming back to New Zealand to get the New Zealand wine experience once again, and it's good to see that program back underway."

Another important issue highlighted was the frost season's impact on vineyards. 

"This is the frost season and it's a critical time of the year in vineyards. 

"We expect to experience ups and downs of weather during spring, and this year has been no exception," Gregan warned. 

He pointed out that the industry remains optimistic but vigilant as it navigates through this potentially perilous season. 

The Kiwi wine industry, much like a fine bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, promises to remain interesting, refreshing, and thoroughly enjoyable. Cheers to that!

Listen to the full chat between Philip Gregan and Dominic George above.

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