Open Farm Day: A journey through NZ's Agricultural landscape

Open Farm Day: A journey through NZ's Agricultural landscape

New Zealand's Open Farm Day is an annual event that focuses on helping Kiwis reconnect with their food at the source, getting back to the basics and exposing farming to the general public.

With around 10,000 visitors each year, it offers a unique showcase of farm life, from dairy management to mushroom cultivation. 

Event Founder Daniel Eb told REX host Dom George about the project's purpose, which goes beyond simply telling a story; it's about engaging in a conversation and reconnecting people with the land, their food, and the farmers who make it all possible. 

"Adults like to engage in a conversation and they like to do things in their own context and they like to do things in their own time... people actually wanting to slow down and reconnect in person and go through this kind of experience," he explained. 

He also discussed the importance of strong relationships between farmers and their communities, a topic explored during a Nuffield travel. The conversation highlighted successful examples of on-farm diversification and partnerships with local healthcare and education providers. 

These partnerships, Eb suggested, can create positive feedback cycles and solve social problems. He cited an example of a Dutch farmer who partnered with local healthcare and education providers to run a program for kids with learning disabilities on his farm, leading to new business opportunities and community connections. 

In the age of social media, the podcast emphasised the need for open and honest communication between farmers and their customers. It also highlighted the potential benefits all farmers, not just the "top" ones, can gain from connecting with their communities. 

Listen to the full chat between Daniel Eb and Dominic George above.

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