Red Meat debates: Richard Loe on the changing industry

Red Meat debates: Richard Loe on the changing industry

Richard Loe, the brand ambassador for Carters, spoke with REX's Dominic George on the current state of the sheep meat industry.

The pair discussed the rising prices of lamb, the increasing controversy surrounding artificial meat, and the impact these have on farmers and consumers alike.

Loe paints a picture of a red meat industry facing challenges and describes the situation as one that's causing a "bit of pain." Lamb prices are falling, and this is having a significant effect on both farmers and consumers. But the discussion didn't stop at pricing issues. George and Loe delved into the brewing controversy surrounding artificial meat and the complexities that come with it.

"Food transparency" seems to be the buzzword of the moment. A recent bill approved by the Italian parliament, banning the marketing and production of cultivated meat, has added fuel to this already heated debate. Traditional meat terms like steak or salami can no longer be used for plant-based meats, a move that Loe commends.

Loe raised a pertinent question, "If it's not meat, why can you call it meat?"

It's a question that seems to sum up the current state of affairs. George echoed his sentiment, adding, "Milk comes from a mammal."

Their argument suggests that misleading terms can confuse consumers and potentially lead to poor dietary choices.

Listen to the full chat between Richard Loe and Dominic George above.

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