South Canterbury Arable Farmer reveals truth behind Guinness World Record

South Canterbury Arable Farmer reveals truth behind Guinness World Record

In this podcast episode, the listeners journey to the scenic farmlands of Timaru, New Zealand, where they meet Andrew Darling, an arable farmer whose innovative farming practices and love for his hometown are beautifully interwoven. 

REX host Dom George joined Darling to talk about some of his farming methods, particularly his focus on sustainability, which led to him setting a Guinness World Record for the heaviest barley crop. 

"We've got some pretty good soils here that we can have some pretty good yields in the right year when the weather lets us," he said.

"That was the highest yield of barley but unfortunately 18 months ago, it's gone back to the UK."

He is specifically noted for his diversity of crops including feed barley, milling wheat, sunflowers, and soybeans. 

Andrew emphasised the importance of residue management, soil testing, and effective use of synthetic inputs to maximise crop yield while maintaining the health of the soil. 

The conversation shifted to Darling's love for his hometown, which he shares with the world through social media

He is appreciated for capturing the scenic beauty of Timaru and bringing global attention to it. 

"Yeah, it's funny that we've, with some of the stuff Warren's done with the World Record, at that we host people from different parts of the world and come over from flatlands of Australia and Canada and things and come and see the diversity of you know, from the ocean to the someone else behind us, and you sort of take it all for granted and everyone sort of reminds you she is a bloody good location," he remarked. 

The episode beautifully encapsulates Andrew's passion for farming, his innovative approach to sustainable farming, and his deep-rooted love for his hometown, providing an inspiring narrative for listeners.

Listen to the full chat between Andrew Darling and Dominic George above.

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