Venison, velvet and the environment: A New Zealand perspective

Venison, velvet and the environment: A New Zealand perspective

Deer Industry NZ Chief Executive Officer Innes Moffat joined REX host Dom George to discuss the thriving venison market in New Zealand, including its current state, future prospects, and the challenges it faces. 

He highlighted the recent increase in contract prices for venison, the impact of weather on supply and processing, and the strong demand for New Zealand chilled venison in European markets. 

Moffat expresses optimism for the future, citing the industry's diversification and resilience in the face of challenges like COVID-19, and the success of New Zealand venison in North American markets, thanks to determined business development and product innovation. 

The podcast also touched on environmental stewardship in the farming industry and the need for Deer Industry New Zealand to emphasise the importance of practical and cost-effective measures for farmers to protect the environment while managing their farms. 

The discussion included potential changes in compliance burden for farmers with the incoming government, and updates on the velvet market, particularly in Korea where there is a growing demand for New Zealand velvet due to its health benefits. 

"We're quietly quite bullish on where venison is going. We think that we have a better spread of markets after COVID than we did before going into COVID." 

"Venison is a niche product being supplied into some reasonably specialist markets," he also added.

"The New Zealand exporters are really being able to pick and choose those customers that they want to serve who are going to be valuing our venison most highly." 

Listen to the full chat between Innes Moffat and Dominic George above.

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