Wiggy emphasises importance of maintaining physical & mental health in rural communities

Wiggy emphasises importance of maintaining physical & mental health in rural communities

Great friend of the REX show and rural mental health advocate Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins meet at the vibrant Canterbury A&P show, where they discuss a variety of topics, ranging from lawns and log cabins to the integration of health, wellness, and geography. 

Wiggins shares his unique experience of spending an intense eight hours mowing his lawn. 

"I spent eight hours doing the lawns the other day, non-stop," he said.

This humorous anecdote transitions into their discussion about rural life, where Wiggy revealed his plans for a modern log cabin, leading to a friendly design face-off with his wife. 

"Who's gonna win that one? I'm predicting Mrs Wiggins." 

He also discussed the recent Canterbury A&P show, which ran last week, its food stalls, and the new aquaculture area. 

They also talk about Wiggy's website, "Whatever with Wiggy," which is a resourceful platform providing geographical help, wellness advice, and podcasts. 

"We're hoping for each region for people that might be able to assist you in many facets of health and wellbeing community wellbeing and stuff like that." 

They emphasised the importance of maintaining physical and mental health, particularly in high-stress industries like farming. Wiggy shared news of his farm being up for sale and told George that he wanted to spend more time with his family and reduce his stress levels. 

"I'm away from home a heck of a lot now, just about more than when I was commentating." 

This personal revelation further highlights the importance of balance in life, which is a central theme of their conversation. 

Listen to the full chat between Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins and Dominic George above.

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