Celebrating 20 years of Netspeed's success & a look at the future of connectivity

Celebrating 20 years of Netspeed's success & a look at the future of connectivity

Netspeed recently celebrated its 20th anniversary as a company and to reflect on their last two decades and look ahead at what's to come, Managing Director Stan Rivett joins REX host Dom George for a welcome chat.

Rivett attributes the large success of Netspeed to their smaller scale, allowing them to quickly and effectively meet customer needs. 

"We're small, so when people phone us they get to talk to someone reasonably quickly...they'll often be talking to the same person when they phone," he says.

"So you get a bit of a relationship...So I think that makes a difference." 

He also discusses how Netspeed can keep Kiwis connected during their summer vacation, no matter where they are. He mentions their portable 4G connections that allow customers to stay connected even in the most remote areas. 

"Lots of our customers have 4G connections with us so they can just pick that up and take it off to the camping with them. 

"And if they don't have mains power we can give them a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter so they can just plug it in and they can have the internet out in the stick somewhere," Rivett explains. 

In addition to their current services, he teases the introduction of IoT trackers. These trackers can be plugged into your car or other devices for tracking purposes. 

"We've got these magic little boxes you can just plug into your car and into the OBD port in your car, which is what the technicians, plug in to see how the engine's going. Just plug it into that, it's just one little box and you can track your car," he reveals. 

"If someone makes off with your car you will be able to tell the police where it is."

The podcast ends with Stan sharing his summer project of building an engine, reminiscing his early days as an automotive machinist. 

Listen to the full chat between Stan Rivett and Dominic George above.

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