Examining New Zealand's Primary Industries with ACT MP Mark Cameron

Examining New Zealand's Primary Industries with ACT MP Mark Cameron

Act MP Mark Cameron gives REX host Dom George an insider's view into the workings of New Zealand's agriculture team and his new role as chair of the primary production select committee. 

He discusses the role of select committees in the legislative process and emphasises the need to restore faith in these intricate processes that hold the Government and its ministers accountable. 

"It's my job to try and rebuild that trust… It's about holding the executive, the government and its ministers, whoever is in government and the ministers of the day to account," Cameron says.

He further explains the crucial role of public engagement in lawmaking and how he plans to ensure a fair process for public participation. Shifting the focus to the agricultural landscape, Cameron, a farmer himself, talks about the trials and triumphs faced by the industry. Despite the challenges, he lauds the resilience and success of the industry and the optimism within the farming community. 

"Isn't it nice to celebrate the fact that these people keep going? 

"So yeah, I think that rural New Zealand in general terms, dairy farmers and the red meat sector, etc., deserve a big thumbs up." 

Finally, Cameron discusses the upcoming visit to India, viewing it as a crucial opportunity for New Zealand's primary industries. He notes the need for innovative thinking and collaboration with offshore partners to overcome global protectionism and nationalistic policies. 

"The world is a troubled place… we have to keep fighting in our corner and I think we've got good people and good product and we've got to advertise that on the world stage and India is certainly a great place to start," he concludes.

Listen to the full chat between Mark Cameron and Dominic George above.

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