Former Federated Farmers President remains positive despite unpredictable international markets

Former Federated Farmers President remains positive despite unpredictable international markets

The current state of farming, global meat consumption, and the New Zealand agricultural landscape are just a number of topics discussed by guest Katie Milne in her conversation with REX host Dom George. 

She discussed the busy time for farmers, recent political changes in agriculture, and the volatility of the markets. Milne emphasised the need for a pragmatic approach to agriculture, highlighting the importance of balancing regulations with economic and community considerations. 

Regarding the global market, she shed light on the impact of geopolitical factors on New Zealand's primary industry. She pointed out the need for patience, especially with the recovering Chinese market. 

"There's those geopolitical things we have no control over, that we get affected by," Milne said.

"Let alone China being still a bit slow on their growth, so it remains to be seen how quickly everything recovers or how we adapt." 

The discussion then shifted to global meat consumption, focusing on the U.S.'s massive meat consumption and Italy's recent ban on lab-grown meat. The ban was instituted to protect Italy's culinary heritage, but it stirred up a debate on the potential environmental impact of lab-grown meat and the balance between traditional and alternative meat sources. 

Milne suggested that both could have a place in the market, warning that a wrong balance could lead to severe problems down the line. The conversation also touched on the upcoming conservation board meeting in South Westland, New Zealand. With a new minister in charge, the direction of conservation policies remains uncertain. 

Milne emphasized the importance of community engagement and farmers voicing their opinions. In the closing remarks, the hosts wished everyone a safe and joyful Christmas and encouraged listeners to take a well-deserved break to enjoy the summer sun. 

Listen to the full chat between Katie Milne and Dominic George above.

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