Hemp products & holistic health: A discussion with Brad Lake
Health and Wellbeing
Health and Wellbeing

Hemp products & holistic health: A discussion with Brad Lake

Brad Lake, co-founder of The Brothers Green, delves into their company's digital advertising breakthroughs and expansion into natural health solutions with REX host Dom George. 

The company's innovative use of social media has not only increased its customer base but has also allowed it to create an online community of health-conscious individuals. Lake reveals its recent focus on hemp-based products, a shift propelled by the changing attitudes towards hemp and medical cannabis in New Zealand. 

He describes how positive reviews and testimonials have been a powerful tool in marketing 

"I think people are just looking for something, you know, that's a bit more natural," Lake says, highlighting the significant shift in public perception.

He also speaks to the potential benefits of these products, especially for those grappling with chronic conditions and seeking natural alternatives to conventional medication. Apart from hemp-based products, The Brothers Green is committed to promoting general health and wellness. They are at the forefront of providing easy access to natural supplements that boost joint health, gut function, sleep support, and heart health – all without a prescription. 

"I think that small daily changes are going to make massive differences, and I think also starting earlier than when the actual problem finally surfaces." 

Lake emphasises the company's mission to serve underserved populations who may be sceptical of the traditional healthcare system. They aim to provide accessible, understandable, and culturally appropriate solutions. 

He believes that their products can offer an effective option to those who are unwilling or unable to seek help from the current healthcare system. The episode ends on a celebratory note, emphasising the spirit of community and mutual support. 

The discussion reflects the broader shift in attitudes towards natural health solutions and the potential of companies like The Brothers Green to revolutionise health and advertising.

Listen to the full chat between Brad Lake and Dominic George above.

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