Plastic to fence posts: Future Post turning one man's trash into another man's treasure

Plastic to fence posts: Future Post turning one man's trash into another man's treasure

Future Post is a company that has found a great end-use for plastic waste and has been turning that waste into posts now for about five years, significantly altering the sustainability landscape.

With operations based in Waiuku and Blenheim, Managing Director of Future Post Jerome Wenzlick told REX host Dom George all about his company's innovative approach to sustainability. 

He discusses the company's ambitious plans for expansion, detailing the intricate process of setting up new factories. They are looking to extend their reach globally, with significant orders already placed from Tahiti and Vanuatu.

"Well, we just opened Blenheim in July and that was probably about a year's work of planning and then about three months to put that together," Wenzlick said. 

"Yeah, so yeah, we do have plans for more, but we've just got to get these two pumping." 

The conversation also delves into the practical application of Future Post's products. Wenzlick assures listeners that despite some minor technique adaptations, farmers and fences face no issues using these revolutionary plastic posts. 

"Our advice is to use a 40mm slice cut staple and the biggest thing that we've found is that if you have a nice sharp pointed staple they'll go in piece of cake." 

He also directs customers to the company’s website for tips on storage and post-driving. A fascinating aspect of the discussion involves Future Post's effort in diverting plastic waste from landfills. Wenzlick comments on the abundant supply of plastic waste they have for their operation

"Yeah, we've still got plenty of that coming into us almost every day of the week. We'll get people calling us to see if we can take it, but that's sort of one thing we'd like to do." 

He explains that by meeting the demand for their posts, they can continue to expand their factories and keep diverting more waste, contributing positively to the environment. 

The podcast episode provides a comprehensive look into Future Post's innovative operations, its commitment to sustainability, and its customer-oriented approach. It emphasises the company's unique process of turning plastic waste into functional, durable posts, highlighting the potential for sustainable innovation in everyday industries.

Listen to the full chat between Jerome Wenzlick and Dominic George above.

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